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About Taya Shikkiten

Japan has an incredible variety of world-class traditional arts and crafts. Wajimanuri in particular, boasts the beauty of the intricate and detailed techniques involved in the creation and their practical usage. As you may well know, lacquer and lacquerware is associate with Japan and Japanese. Our Wajimanuri products represent Japanese traditional arts and crafts.

About Taya Shikkiten

Taya Shikkiten dates back 200 years to 1818 when Taya Kihei began his craftsmanship of Wajimanuri.
We have continued to evolve with our designs to meet the needs of our customers.

Taya Shikkiten began in an era when there were no trains. We would carry our finished products by foot across mountains. After the railroads were developed, we would spend over a day traveling with our products from the Kanto to Tokai regions of Japan. Taya Shikkiten was incorporated in 1988 by our previous CEO, Taya Tsutomu. This lead to the expansion of our business to department stores, in addition to our traditional sales channel.

About Taya Shikkiten

We continue to evolve with our current CEO who adopts new trends and items that have practical use. This includes products from stationery to interior architecture, not just bowls plates, chopsticks and other cutlery known for traditional lacquerware. Our products are long lasting, repaired and passed on to generations. This means we produce environmentally friendly products that are also very special. Our experienced craftsmen will repair your lacquerware also from other stores from any region with the utmost care and revive your product back to the shiny glossy state. Taya Shikkiten will develop more practical and environmentally friendly Wajimanuri products while we continue to thrive in the traditional arts and crafts scene.

About Taya Shikkiten

Taya Shikkiten
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